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New models

50TP prototypIX Chi-To SPGVII Ho-Ri Type IVIII Ho-Ri Type IIIX T25 Pilot Number 1VIII T54E2VIII

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E 100X AMX 50 Foch (155)X Chieftain Mk.6X T23E3VII BT-7III VK 90.01 (P)X VK 16.02 LeopardV AMX 50 BX TortoiseIX T95E6X WZ-113X Ho-Ri Type IIIX ConquerorIX IS-6 FearlessVIII Object 268X MausX Cruiser Mk. IVIII FV215bX Cruiser Mk. IIIII VK 72.01 (K)X IS-7X Super ConquerorX FV4004 ConwayIX WZ-111 model 5AX