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Missing or where are the ASATS tubes


#0 : 20.06.2019 15:31

I have checked out the ASATS model is it is missing the TOW tubes

Where can they be located or could they be added to the 3d model?

Мастер Моделей

#1 : 26.06.2019 06:48

Please specify which model from which game you mean?


#2 : 26.06.2019 13:01


Under the War Thunder game there was the new update for ADATS.

The ADATS is missing the missile tubes.

I checked around and could not locate the ADATS tubes on any other models; I was able to locate the missile deployed.

I checked the ADATS missile map deployed model under "projectiles" and seems that the map has the tube there; but not sure if the tude is also on the main ADATS maps either.

Could you help locate and update.


Thank you


#3 : 27.06.2019 20:42

Landing gear are there. It needs a bit of work to make them extracted. But that's OK for me. I am happy to get the models any way. There still are many models to extract. Please folks be active. I do not play that game.

It's fine! I look forward to the news on the chassis and pilots. I play a little game. Rather, this game for me is like a virtual museum. I use these models to create paper models, which is why we really need released chassis.


#4 : 27.06.2019 22:06

Do you have the maps for your French pilot?


You can extract them in the CDK


#5 : 28.06.2019 15:31

I don't have the game and have not the space on my hd for it. Can please someone do it for me?


#6 : 29.06.2019 19:30

I really need airplanes landing gear (((