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Weird issue in substance painter?

#0 : 10.05.2019 14:40

Anyone else come across this problem when trying to create skins in substance painter for the models? It looks like the UV area is separated from the unwrapped model or something, which makes it difficult to paint directly onto the model.

I'm not really great at resolving this sort of thing in Blender -- although, whenever I've tried the model gets disorted compared to the obj listed on the site (it seems less smooth, so I'm losing some sort of smoothing when I import > attempt work > export from blender). Ideally there's a way to maybe deal with this in substance painter?

#1 : 10.05.2019 14:41

To be clear, the issue above prevents me from painting directly on the body of the tank. I can paint (awkwardly) in the grey area in 2d mode, and that translates to paint on the parts themselves -- although, it's very undesireable / difficult to work like that.


#2 : 11.05.2019 01:32

You have to unwrap the UV map and center it on the workspace in 3ds or blender