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Will the maps be made available?


#0 : 14.04.2019 22:47

Great work on this site.
I do not know if this has been asked before: is there any plans to have the maps of the games made available?

Большая работа на этом сайте.
Я не знаю, если это было предложено раньше: есть ли планы иметь карты игр, доступных?

Мастер Моделей

#1 : 15.04.2019 05:21

I think it is quite possible to convert maps.
But the size of the data will not allow to show them on the site. At the moment, for example, models of tanks occupy about 2 megabytes. Imagine the size of a map that has a hundred objects.


#2 : 15.04.2019 17:05

That is a fair point. I'm guessing 200-400 MB each. Linking to an offsite storage would be hard too.
Thank you for the response.


#3 : 01.05.2019 10:09

You may not be able to put the maps on the site (stokage problem) but if it is possible to recover the maps, would it be possible to put map objects like trains, destroyed houses .. .


if the words do not mean anything it's because I'm using a translator

Мастер Моделей

#4 : 02.05.2019 05:30

I think it's possible. But if you need these objects, it is easier for you to convert them yourself. For WoT there are several programs for this.

But I will keep that in mind.. At the moment, the size of the site is very close to limiting the host disk space.
I think we will have to buy more disk space. Then it will be possible to lay out even more models.

I also use a translator, and therefore I hope that we understand each other correctly smiley


#5 : 03.05.2019 22:36

Thanks for the info.


#6 : 24.06.2019 12:40

I think this is a nice topic. I am interested too in some assets in Word of Warships, like some port assets and so on. If someone can extract them and put them for download an any of the download sites? That would be very nice. Later these models could be collected and put here for download.


#7 : 24.06.2019 13:35

@Мастер Моделей I can currently extract buildings from War Thunder but they have broken UVs. It would be interesting if you could extract buildings from War Thunder.