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Missing incorrect placement of some assets (WoWS)


#0 : 24.03.2019 11:57

Just few small things i found while improving WoWS ships, some are really minor but wanted to let you know smiley

On almost all aircraft catapults of USA ships there is this "cradle" part which is always duplicated. (model mesh twice on same place, catapult is the ac002_catapult_2 if that helps)



Many ships with liferafts other other assets on side of turrets are 90% missaligned on both X and Z axis (example Z39 below)



Many range finders (and anthenas/radars) are missing on more recent-ish models. (example below is "Worcester" and on right list of missing parts i fixed myself)



Мастер Моделей

#1 : 24.03.2019 12:57

Thank you very much.

The first two errors I will try to find and fix.

In the latter case, you probably have enabled ad blocker. Try to disable it on our site (and best of all add a site to the white list). This is what Worchester looks like without ad blockers.