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A suggestion about download


#0 : 22.12.2018 15:24
Why not make a download list ? when I want to download some model in one type ,it open lots of webpages.Click them one by one is a cumbersome job .And sometimes it will lose some map or load fail. So I think make a webpage of download list is a good way.


#1 : 22.12.2018 15:39
And when I download a model with different skin it will download same model twice(PS:skin are different).Actually, thank to your model provided by your website.Meanwhile I hope it can be better of download experience.(^_^)

Мастер Моделей

#2 : 23.12.2018 13:35

I think we will do something. But what exactly I do not know yet.


#3 : 24.12.2018 11:22

I'm looking forward to it .(^_^)