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Problem with editing - 3D print


#0 : 04.12.2018 20:25

Hello! Your models are really nice, but if I wanted to print them on my 3D printer Anycubic, I have the problem with every try to edit every model :( Where is the problem? I wanted to reduce faces in Fusion 360, but i wrote me, invalid input :( 3ds Max too impossible to do something... I am lost :( Please could you help? I love your models so really much and I want to put them on my shelf.

Мастер Моделей

#1 : 05.12.2018 13:55

Unfortunately, I do not do 3D printing and can not advise anything.

Perhaps someone from the visitors have experience and they will talk about solving the problem.


#2 : 05.12.2018 23:05

I just need transfer .stl file to some CAD formate like .iges, .step. I must tranfer it into solid (NURBS). I also cant print wires on the ships. But If I am trying to convert it, it always write: error, invalid input or something like that.


#3 : 09.12.2018 16:01

I just need somehow edit this models. I tryied Blender, Fusion 360, 3ds Max, Autodesk Inventor and it is impossible to tranfer it into solid model (NURBS - iges or step file). Macтep could you write me pls, which program do you used? 

Мастер Моделей

#4 : 09.12.2018 16:57

I just convert models from the game files into a special format for the site. Models are converted "as is". That is just as a set of vertices and faces.
I do it by the programs I wrote myself.
Probably, problems are caused by the fact that these models were not originally intended for printing.


#5 : 10.12.2018 10:12

So is there some program, where I can edit it? Thank you! :) 


#6 : 15.02.2019 16:15

Мастер Моделей I worked on it long time and now I know where is the problem. The models have duplicated surfaces and non-manifold edges. Non-manifold edges is big problem and it is main reason why it is not possible transfer to another formath. It would be fantastic, if you will somehow create object like a "SOLID" model with volume, no only surfaces.

So is there anyone who can help with it please?