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Armored Warfare: Тестовая версия 0.22

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#0 : 03.11.2017 14:14

В новой версии кардинально переработаны шейдеры. Текстуры для моделей на сайте потерялись. Пришлось, не мудрствуя лукаво, покрасить всё в зелёный цвет.

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#1 : 24.06.2018 13:37

Why models from AW don't have textures, only that green solid color?

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#2 : 25.06.2018 06:19

Why models from AW don't have textures, only that green solid color?

The problem is that in this game there are no textures in the usual form. All the texturing is done by the shaders.

I tried to generate textures by emulating these shaders. But it has not yet been possible to obtain satisfactory results.


#3 : 25.06.2018 09:55

But in the past tanks had normal textures (I remember PL-01, I used that model)

Also In the past (I don't know about nowadays) we could get textures using... program (Noesis? - I don't remember sorry)

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#4 : 25.06.2018 10:32

Prior to version 0.22, there were "classic" textures. In this version of the game, the textures are no longer there.


#5 : 25.06.2018 17:52

Oh, ok thats a problem right now :\

Thanks for the answer and for your work on this page


#6 : 28.07.2018 22:11

Would it be perhaps possible to get a download for the Abrams AGDS and the extra armor of the XM1A3. I got some "classic" textures for the Abrams AGDS from sketchfab: 


I got those textures, but no model sadly... I could upload them if interested


Edit. Sorry nvm, I got it