Armour models


#0 : 14.01.2012 15:43

I found this page today, and i must say, awesome  laugh

This is great info, and i am definitely going to share it with my friends.

I was however, on the search for something else. I used google translate to read the russian forum part, and i found that you knew more about it.

I am looking for a source where i can see the armour of a tank in detail,  how strong each part of the armour is, the weak spots, and so on.

Do you know about a source where i can see this info?

Thank you!



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#1 : 15.01.2012 06:49

All information is available in game files. Model, indicating the armour groups, located in the res/vehicles/nation/tank/collision/. File as to the thickness of each group is located in the res/scripts/item_defs/vehicles/nation/

Models can be viewed using the 3D Object Converter Information on tanks from the corresponding file reading program WoT Mod Tools


#2 : 15.01.2012 15:34

Thank you for your fast reply!

WOT Mod Tools works like a charm, and i have found the interesting data without problems (and more).

I have downloaded 3D Object Converter too. But this one gives me a little trouble.

I can view the .primitives files without problem, but whenever i try to open the .model files, i get this error:

Unrecognized or unsupported file type!

(or no valid object found!)

What am i doing wrong?



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#3 : 15.01.2012 16:36

You're doing right. "model" does not include 3D data and can not be opened with 3D Object Converter. All data in the file "primitives". "model" and "visual" can be opened and viewed using WOT Mod Tools smiley


#4 : 15.01.2012 19:59

Ok, i got this figured out now.

One last thing i have left i am not sure about yet. I dont know how to link the files together yet.

The visual file talks about primitives groups, and numbers them. Like primitives group 1 is the radioman, primitives group 2 the driver, and so on.

Also the .xml files list it as Armour 1, Armour 2, etc..

While some of them are easy to guess (240mm on the E-100 is the front of the turret), others are not so easy.

Is there any system behind the order, so that Armour 3 would always refer to the right side of the turret, for example, no matter which tank it is, or is there any way to see which polygons on the primitives model belong to which group? Or do you have to guess, whether this hitbox is now a radio or part of the ammo rack? And same for the armour, how to tell whether the 65mm or the 55mm value belong to the top of the hull?



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#5 : 16.01.2012 05:38

The file "primitives" actually contains two models.

The first is a model that shows a 3D Object Converter, and which is used to calculate damages.

The second model contains information about the "materials". It is precisely defined, that the armor is applied to each damage model surface. The second model program unfortunately does not show.

I have not noticed any patterns in armor groups numbering.


#6 : 16.01.2012 12:24

Thanks for your help! This showed and taught me a lot.

I always knew some people could look at the game files in detail, and i always wondered how to do it myself.

Is there any program that can view the second, defined model?



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#7 : 16.01.2012 14:44

Unfortunately, I do not know about the existence of such programs. On Russian resources, there are mentions of the program "Bigworld Model Viewer" (or something very similar, I do not remember exactly). Where to find this program I do not know.


#8 : 16.01.2012 19:06

Using google, i found the following:

Bigworld created the game engine used by WOT. Bigworld Model Editor is one of their provided content creation tools.

Unfortunatly already the most basic licence costs 299$.

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#9 : 17.01.2012 05:23

There are different ways to get the program. Not only is the official site.


#10 : 17.01.2012 19:31

I will try again. On first attempt it seemed to be tougher to acquire than other programs. Maybe i need more magnets.