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World of Warships: Обновление

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#0 : 28.12.2016 05:58

Информация из новой версии игры на сайте

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#1 : 02.12.2016 15:53

World of Warships: Супертест 0.5.16

Информация на сайте


#2 : 03.12.2016 06:35

Some radar mounts are not showing up on some of the German ships. For example compare there are radar mounts missing from the forward superstructures of the Scharnhorst, Prinz Eugen and Graf Spee. There may be more but these are the ones I'm aware of.

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#3 : 03.12.2016 08:15

Thank you. We will try to fix the models.

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#4 : 12.12.2016 16:01

World of Warships: Общий тест 0.5.16

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