Download of the 3D models


#0 : 22.12.2011 01:36

I not sure if others have been able to get this working, but I have tried locally and on my host to use the download that is provided and it never loads the models. I am wondering if anyone else has run into the issue or is there something that is needed, a script or something to get it working. I would like to port this script into a Nuke module for the Nuke CMS.

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#1 : 22.12.2011 05:34

Which browser do you use for local viewing?


#2 : 23.12.2011 20:46

I tried FF, and Chrome, then I tried IE, which I don't like using IE. None of them worked.  Again, this was both local hosted and hosted and on my website. I put a test up on my site so you can see,

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#3 : 24.12.2011 06:00

Just delete .htaccess file from models folder


#4 : 27.12.2011 03:12

thanks, that worked.


#5 : 11.01.2012 18:57

I have the just the same problem as coRpSE, but I can't find the .htaccess file from models folder. Can you please help me?

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#6 : 12.01.2012 08:03

In new versions of the archive .htaccess file is removed and does not interfere with placing the archive on the web servers. Could you give the web address in a private message?


#7 : 13.01.2012 08:54

Im also having the same problem, whereby the model is not loading.....and there is no .htaccess file. Please help. Well done on a good job on bringing this website to us all by the way.

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#8 : 13.01.2012 13:47

Please specify whether you are trying to watch the downloaded file on your computer or place it on your web server. In the first case, the problem may be in the browser, because Google Chrome can not load local files. Use Firefox. In the second case, the problem may be your host. Give your website address please so I can diagnose the problem. Pass the website address in private message if you care about privacy issues.


#9 : 13.01.2012 14:19

Ah Im trying it in my browser, I'llinstall Firefox then...thanks  smiley