War Thunder: Обновление 2.37

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#21 : 26.06.2024 16:39

I don’t know where to look for tank shells yet. If I get around to it, I’ll definitely create models.

yes i found it by WarThunderCDK, at the folder of assets tree root/#gameres/tanks/tanks/, searching 'tank_shell' then the result came out, and by using ninjaripper opening the assetviewer, so could i rip the model : )

it works but need to adjust  X Y Z U V parameter to import the model into 3dsmax correctly.


#22 : 26.06.2024 19:10

What parameter did you find out?


#23 : 29.06.2024 04:48

What parameter did you find out?

use ninjaripper importer manual set vertex layout X Y Z as 2 3 4 , U V as 10 11, then could i get correct model with 4096times enlarged UV position, but with a little little problem from lenth width height ratio that need a little transform


#24 : 30.06.2024 16:04

Thanks. A good reference to begin.


#25 : 02.07.2024 01:36

Japanese Kikka nose is missing the cannon