Enlisted models


#0 : 25.03.2024 00:09

Could we get the vehicles from enlisted as well? 

Мастер Моделей

#1 : 26.03.2024 09:25

What exactly interests you there?


#2 : 26.03.2024 11:18

They're high quality from inside


#3 : 29.03.2024 00:02

I am looking forward to joining the military and continuing to add models. I love everything new,

I saw that they added the Ho-Ha and they'll probably add more like that in the future. 

Also, I've noticed that the guns from the last update aren't here, like the Type 100 MG. And some tabs like the flamethrower/mortars don't seem to be working.

Guns are also missing their attatchments like scopes and bayonets.


#4 : 29.03.2024 08:19

Yes, I also hope to update more models