Help request - Microsoft Flight Simulator


#0 : 30.01.2024 13:03

Good aftenoon! 

Would it be ever condsidered by the Gamemodel3D ccommunity the get the 3d models and city data from Micorsoft Flight Simulator? I appeciate its not to everyones likes but it would be amazing even if someone could help possibly look into doing this. I'm not sure how many other people enjoy this game or would like to do there own things with the 3d models etc. But I just thought i'd ask.

Many thanks! Adam


#1 : 30.01.2024 16:08

There are many sites you can download these aircraft. You can convert it with ModelConvertX.


#2 : 30.01.2024 18:12

Thank you! Which would you advise is the best? Also can you get the cities and locations in 3d too?


#3 : 31.01.2024 01:15

Cities and locations are not possible and I don't know it should work. Google about fsx aircraft, then you find paymodels and free downloadabkle models and tehe are some stuff for airports hangars and so on. You have to investigate the sites. It's a lot of time but if you want to find your stuff you have to invest in time.


#4 : 31.01.2024 13:34

Is it posssible to capture the FSX or MSFS military ground equipement?


#5 : 01.02.2024 01:59

Is it posssible to capture the FSX or MSFS military ground equipement?

Not too difficult at all again download modelconverter x. Find the file with the ground item you want. Then find either the mdl or bgl file of the item you want throw it in a folder with the textures and should import and export with no issues.


#6 : 12.02.2024 21:59

strange most of the .bgl and .mdl files are coming up blank or nothing loading.

I am using modelconverterx 1.6

Is there a setting in mcx that i am missing?