Mäuschen 15cm Model Files?


#0 : 27.01.2024 02:51

I know that this is probably hopeless as the model I am trying to track down was only in World Of Tanks for a matter of weeks but I am looking for the original model files for the 15cm gun and mantlet which were featured in Update 9.9 Common Test Iteration 1. I have looked pretty much everywhere and it seems nobody ever saved them so this is pretty much just a last ditch attempt to recover them. For reference I have posted an image below. Any help or potential leads are more than welcome. Thank you for your time.


#1 : 27.01.2024 11:40

Hi G,

Sorry, I don't have the files. 

If you get no luck, and you're a modeller, you could take 10.5cm gun off the WoT E75 TS or Lowe, with a bit of tweaking, you'd have the 15cm Mauschen gun.