Is the War Thunder high-poly or low-poly?


#0 : 11.11.2023 10:00

Is the War Thunder high-poly or low-poly? If it is low-poly, how to get it high-poly


#1 : 12.11.2023 10:26

Its a game. Only low-poly

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#2 : 14.11.2023 09:38

As I understand it, only the textures differ, and the geometry of the models is the same for all versions of the game.


#3 : 24.11.2023 12:50


Most of the models have higher detail poly count,and some older models ie He111, have had their cockpits upgraded, but there are still some with lower poly res cockpits.  As you say, the first person view has the high res textures as well.

Is it at all possible to rip the first-person cockpits along with the hi-res textures?  Failing that, is is possible to get just the hi-res textures for the cockpits?

I'm particularily interested in the WT He115C1