World of Tanks: Обновление 1.21.1

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#0 : 20.07.2023 08:42

Информация из новой версии игры на сайте.

XM551E4 Hailstorm

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#1 : 22.06.2023 19:22

World of Tanks: Общий тест 1.21.1

Больше стволов. И длиннее.


#2 : 24.06.2023 11:42

Why did wargaming mount a minigun onto a Sheridans turret. I am confused

Are they testing some type of Anti-Air mechanic?


#3 : 20.07.2023 15:10

They make every test mount on their tanks, because the regular tanks are just all made. But there are a lot of IFV and artillry pieces on tracks they could make. But some testing stuff and paper projects seems to be more interesting.