Дневник разработчика: Новые игры / New games

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#0 : 25.02.2023 08:43

Пора наверное что-то новое расковырять. Может "Genshin Impact"? А какие игры посоветуете вы?

It's probably time for something new. Maybe Genshin Impact? What games do you recommend?

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#1 : 25.02.2023 08:43

Итак, список кандидатов, пополняйте и поддерживайте уже существующие
So, the list of candidates, add and approve existing ones

Ace Combat 7
ARMA 2/3
Assassin's Creed Origins
Broken Arrow
Call of Duty: Warzone
Chivalry 2
Company of Heroes 2/3
Destiny 2
Digital Train Model
Distant Guns: Jutland
Earth Defense Force
Escape from Tarkov
Farming Simulator
For Honor
Hell Let Loose


Heroes and Generals
Iron Conflict
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Modern Warships
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
Railway Empire
Star Citizen
Steel Division 2
Talvisota - Winter War
Tank Company
Tank Mechanic Simulator
Verdun или Tannenberg
World of Guns
World of Sea Battle
World of Submarines

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#2 : 25.02.2023 09:19

 How about Star Citizen?


#3 : 25.02.2023 09:37



#4 : 25.02.2023 10:02

Может Steel division 2? Правда, это опять про танки, пушки и самоходки. Но там есть и другая техника (грузовики, тягачи, вездеходы и прочее. А вот как достать это все увы не знаю. Искал способ, не нашел. Может что то из ARMA 2 и 3. Но там наверное не все будет интересно всем.


#5 : 25.02.2023 11:14

Давайте Тарков или Ворлд оф ганс))) Будем пушки на 3д принтерах печатать:)


#6 : 25.02.2023 11:31

Call of duty warzone)))


#7 : 25.02.2023 11:35

Давайте Тарков или Ворлд оф ганс))) Будем пушки на 3д принтерах печатать:)

Загнул, конечно, про оружие на 3д печать, но всякий мелкий стафф/шлема/обвес страйкболисты-моделяторы оценили бы

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#8 : 25.02.2023 11:54

 Но там наверное не все будет интересно всем.

Полно людей со специфичными вкусами wink


#9 : 25.02.2023 12:36

Heroes and Generals?

Alternatively do WoT maps :V


#10 : 25.02.2023 12:50

wc,原!(a chinese meme)/

I support Enlisted and Call of Duty: Warzone


#11 : 25.02.2023 13:03

Star Citizen / COD


#12 : 25.02.2023 15:05

Ил-2, DCS World


#13 : 25.02.2023 15:07

Star Citizen maybe?

In fact, update  STO (Star Trek Online) is a good idea. There are lots of new  beautiful starship models could be added.wink

About the COD (Call of Duty) series, I prefer the vehicle models, especially COD13 Infinity War.

By the way, I recommend add Dreadnought(This game is about to close the servercrying) or Modern Warships.

There are so many game mods in my wishlist, How greedy i am )


#14 : 25.02.2023 15:32

I'd like to see models from the EARTH DEFENSE FORCE series (5 in particular)


#15 : 25.02.2023 15:53

About Genshin Impact is sense if you want rip models like buildings or npcs models becasue main characters are available to downlaod from devs page

About new games I think about
- Enlisted - weapons and soldiers (vehicles only if they are not in War Thunder becasue most of them are jsut from that game)
- Modern Warships - Its mobile game only I think but getting modern ships could be nice
- DCS Word could be nice but 2 reasons why you probably not rip it: 1) Details of models are very high and textrues are very detailed and high resolution 2) What i know that devs are very strict about ripping their models

- Heroes and Generals - In half this year that game will be shut down but 2nd version will come in 2024 (Name: Heroes and Generals 2: The next war) on Unreal Engine 5 game engine. So if you want models from that older version (Still alive) then we have to make asset backup folder for it

Those games were mentioned ealier, my own ideas here:
- Company of heroes 2 and\or 3 or even 1 but you know old verion so quality of that is very low but your choice

- Destiny 2 (I played before, some models are nice like weapons or vehicles)

AND MAYBE SOMETHING DIFFERENT like Medieval times games (weapons, armor, soldiers, "civilians", buildings etc)
example of games: Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, Chivalry 2, For Honor, Mordhau or others if you have something in mind


#16 : 25.02.2023 16:40

Ворлд Оф Ганс, пушечки тоже интересно было-бы посмотреть =)


#17 : 25.02.2023 17:01

Друзья тоже посоветовали ворлд оф ганс, эскейп фром тарков и енлистед.


#18 : 25.02.2023 17:28

Steel Division 2 would be very nice as I cannot find any or a lot of models online for it. Please anything but Genshin Impact :( 

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#19 : 25.02.2023 17:42

About Genshin Impact is sense if you want rip models like buildings or npcs models becasue main characters are available to download from devs page

Please anything but Genshin Impact :( 

It was a joke. The game is made on Unity, which I really dislike. smiley


#20 : 25.02.2023 17:52

We talked about DCS before. I think this is defenitely one of the most useful games for people who like modern weapon systems. But all others are interesting too... Difficult to decide...

Modern Warship would be one of my favorites. And DCS.