Where has the model of the War Thunder gone?


#0 : 17.05.2023 12:06

A few hours ago, I could still find a vehicle model for the War Thunder


#1 : 17.05.2023 11:25

Where did the War Thunder model go?

Where did the War Thunder model go? I remember that I could download it before, but now why the page is gone


#2 : 17.05.2023 11:37

Куда пропала модель War Thunder? Помню, раньше можно было скачать, а сейчас почему страница пропала

Поддерживаю вопрос. Это баг или Вар Тандера больше не будет на сайте?


#3 : 17.05.2023 13:14



#4 : 17.05.2023 14:02

Yes, thats strange!

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#5 : 17.05.2023 14:14

В данный момент сайт обновляется. Скоро все модели вернутся на сайт. 15 гигабайт грузятся очень долго...

The site is currently being updated. Soon all models will return to the site. 15 gigabytes takes a very long time to upload...

该网站目前正在更新中。 很快所有模型都将返回站点。 15 GB 需要很长时间才能上传...


#6 : 17.05.2023 14:26

Why War THunder's model disappeared?


#7 : 17.05.2023 14:57

Gentlemen, patience please. smiley

Will this mean, the new models are now available? Cool. yes

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#8 : 17.05.2023 15:29

Will this mean, the new models are now available? Cool. yes

No, this time it's just a technical update.

The model assembly tool has been updated, which led to a change in textures and materials. It seemed easier to load everything at once than to make diffs.

But now the models are assembled in three hours instead of almost a whole day smiley


#9 : 17.05.2023 16:10

Well made. Thank you for your effort.

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#10 : 17.05.2023 16:23

Модели на сайте.
Models on the site.