Pylons on War Thunder aircraft


#0 : 13.01.2023 20:35

Im a bit new to this site so could be missing it but where are the pylons? they arent on the Model and i cant find them elsewhere on the site

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#1 : 14.01.2023 05:03

Which pylon on which aircraft are you interested in?


#2 : 14.01.2023 06:24

The aircraft is the Jaguar GR.1A and all pylons if possible

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#3 : 14.01.2023 06:46

Try to decide what exactly interests you from
 - 2×AIM-9G
 - 8×Mk.M2 540 lb
 - 8×1000 lb
 - 1×TIALD
 - 76×CRV7 M247
 - 72×SNEB type 23 rocket
 - 2×Mk.13, 1×TIALD
and select the appropriate preset in "Weapon presets" when viewing the aircraft model.

True, the pylons for AIM's for some strange reason are turned upside down, but the rest will be in place along with weapons.


#4 : 14.01.2023 07:05

Ohh so thats where they were. Thanks a ton