Issues with War Thunder Textures and the SDK


#0 : 19.11.2022 22:01

I am currently trying to assemble War Thunder Sd.Kfz. 303a before it gets removed from the game files, as the version of the Goliath hosted here uses the half-scale textures. so far, i managed to get everything to work except the Main Body texture. i am unsure how the game assembles its textures from the main file and the file, but the SDK does not let me export the file with the alpha channel removed, and my efforts at finding the texture using gmConverter3D have been unsuccessfull.
Would anyone mind telling me what im doing wrong or how this can be fixed? i would be very grateful as to learning to workflow of using these tools, but i feel quite lost by my lonesome.

Thank you in Advance!


#1 : 20.11.2022 00:43

I could be out of date on current format of WT shaders so take this with pinch of salt. This is only how i used it in the past and may not apply anymore...

_C texture should be Albedo (RGB) and cavity/detail map(Alpha). However this was not all, and each part of vehicle had a sort of "default" color aswell. (you have to guess what color yourself)

In below example of ship hull, game used same textures to color 3 different parts of the ship. Obviously with different colors.

Alpha in _C dictates where will be color of the RGB _C and where will be dominant (detail) color.

(so if you look on alpha as B&W texture, "white" means to apply your color (in my case red) and "black" means to use color from the _C RGB channels.

As i side-note i would add that most warthunder models use tiled "detail" materials aswell. Wood, metals, rubber etc. which have their colors, normal, roughness combined/blended with model texture. (they are usually more visible up-close adding details)

Some more details can be found here (not sure how up to date) >


#2 : 20.11.2022 13:33

That makes sense to me, at least more than it did previously! i think i should be able to manage that.

The Default colour would have to be the texture, since all the "universal" camoflages seem to use that file exclusively. Thank you for including the node setup, it really helps out a ton.
Now i just need to find out how to export the RGBA file without the A from the SDK, but now that i know what the hell im actually doing i really want to keep working.
Thank you very much!


#3 : 20.11.2022 15:11

Well, a couple hours of work later, this is a big headache, wow. i finally did manage to get the high-res textures, so everything is great in that regard, but getting the textures to combine right is still strange. What software were you using exactly? tried doing it in blender, but so far all i have gotten is a pain in my temples.


#4 : 20.11.2022 16:13

For exporting without alpha... why ? Doesnt blender support "Separate/Combine RGBA" ?

My (wild) guess to what you seek in blender for linear interpolation is this...
Mix node with "mix mode"  set as "Use Alpha"

Worst case scenario, if you want to seperate the textures outside of shader, you can seperate RGB and A files in Photoshop and also swap alpha with grayscale image for easy use. (batch automate is your friend).

I use Unreal Engine, which luckily have LERP as straight out of the box node to use for interpolation. (also handy when working with texture masks)

There are for sure some alternatives and more dumb down ways to replicate blending of 2 images based on control input image.


#5 : 21.11.2022 17:45

ah, perhaps i was being an idiot, i just wanted the raw RGB image so none of the data the alpha hides gets lost over a couple of texture edits. but, if it works without it, i'll keep trying! thanks, you've been a huge help already ^^