Anyone can help to extract the April Fools Vehicles?


#0 : 02.11.2022 13:28

Can anyone help to extract the April Fools Vehicles? Like the KV2 mech, or the toy planes from toon thunder? And the inflatable tanks, 2077vehicles?

Maybe this will be our last chance to see them in the next few years. It will be a shame to loss this chance.


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#2 : 02.11.2022 23:16

Thanks a lotheart

Have you extracted other vehicles from April fool's?


#3 : 02.11.2022 23:23

Just saw the inflatable tank. Great Job!!heart

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#4 : 03.11.2022 04:52

I didn't convert it separately. Some interesting models are on the site in the section Other Nations.


#5 : 03.11.2022 13:28

I saw the models from space thunder and the floating balloon. from toon thunder. Great job!!!

Would you extract the minotaur series from 2077 event? It would be awesome just to see them again.wink