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Calibers exact or rounded?


#0 : 27.04.2013 12:43

The ingame display rounds armour thicknesses with decimals (for example, 2 in/50.8mm -> 51mm) even though the numbers are exact in the hitbox models, but do you know if this applies to calibers as well? Does a 152.4mm gun act like a 152mm gun in terms of game mechanics (thus failing to overmatch 50.8mm plate)?

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#1 : 28.04.2013 05:35

Unfortunately, I do not understand the game mechanics. The site shows the values ??of the game client "as is", but long fractions ??are truncated to two digits.


#2 : 30.04.2013 10:59

Well I suppose you could test it by firing a 152(.4)mm gun on a 50.8mm plate at a bad angle and seeing if it ricochets or not.

I'll go and try it out.

EDIT: It seems to work.

152mm AP overmatched the middle plate.