World of Warships Blitz


#0 : 24.07.2022 14:52

Would it be possible for you to add all the models from World of Warships Blitz similar to how you added world of tanks and world of tanks blitz models separately?

Мастер Моделей

#1 : 25.07.2022 05:16

Unfortunately, WoWS Blitz is very different from WoWS. Blitz uses a different engine and architecture, so you can't just take and get models from there.

WoT Blitz at least has the same architecture as WoT. Therefore, it turned out to get models and information from there.


#2 : 25.07.2022 08:01

Ah thats a shame, thank you for the reply!

Dark 728

#3 : 06.08.2022 10:52

WoWSBlitz stuff can be extracted by first getting the apk file from the Android client, running it through an unzip (WInzip) to extract the folders and then running the folders through something like AssetStudio or DevXUnityUnpacker. 

Most of the time the quality of the stuff is significantly inferior compared to PC (since as far as I know, Blitz actually takes the PC models and tries to reduce their size to make it easier on the engine) so there's really not much point in obtaining stuff from it.