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@Master, requesting permission for sharing of certain data.


#0 : 26.02.2013 20:56

Hello. I have greatly enjoyed the use of your website, especially the 3d models. I respect your work and because of this I request your permission to use the hidden data values (aka "soft stats"wink in a guide I am planning to publish in the NA forums. I would NOT publish your 3D models, as I understand that is your source of income. However, I would greatly appreciate if I had permission to use your site's information to compile a guide listing all the  "hidden" stats of every vehicle in the game. I wish to do this as I despise Wargaming's utter lack of transparency towards its player base, and wish to share the data myself if they will not do so.

If you give me permission to use your site's data, I will be sure to credit your site (if you want me to) for the data.

If you do not give me permission, I will not use your site to obtain this data and will try to look elsewhere.

Thank you for your time.

Мастер Моделей

#1 : 27.02.2013 06:05

You can use any data from the site for any purpose. I will be very grateful if you make reference to the site.


#2 : 15.04.2013 16:31

Just out of interest, which data files contain these "soft stats"?

Мастер Моделей

#3 : 16.04.2013 05:21