War Thunder 3D maps


#0 : 31.12.2021 16:10

yo guys, was thniking if is there any way to extract the whole maps from war thunder? i want to export them as FBX, thanks in advance


#1 : 31.12.2021 17:25

This is not the way how the maps work. All the parts are not allways in memory. They will load when they are in range. The mesh density will change depending the range. The LOD of the assets changes depending range. So it's not possible to extract the whole map as FBX. See how Unity or Unreal maps work!


#2 : 31.12.2021 19:52

Yeah, You have like just terrain\ground as separated... thing (with painted texture) and models are just are separated added ion map using coordinates (As example we can say like: building_nr_01 locaded in assets is placed on map "map_01" on coordinates 0 0 0 (XYZ axis) and rotated like 50 degrees and\or scaled 1x time)


#3 : 02.01.2021 14:45

Original maps can be retrieved in CDK viewer