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#41 : 03.10.2021 08:33

I had version 0.4 and worked very well on model what I wanted problem was with materials, model uses few materials. Tool not exporting .mtl file so merge it into one material

Now on 0.6.5 still I have missing .mtl file, so all materials are merged into one, Tool freeze and not responding during exporting, but model show up and i can open it, but have missing faces

pic with freeze of tool

pic with missing faces

pic with exported model using version 0.4 of the tool - this building what im trying to get (this is not only that, other also have a problem)


#42 : 13.10.2021 20:24

Any help?

Мастер Моделей

#43 : 16.10.2021 08:57

I seem to have fixed the saving of the model. Perhaps something else broke smiley
As for the material files, they are also stored and processed in separate files from the geometry. And their support is not yet provided in the program. But, as I understand it, each separate group of polygons in the saved model has its own material.

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