Is it possible to extract files from the game "Escape from Tarkov"?


#0 : 30.06.2021 09:52

As title. I'm very interested in the firearms models, they are so elegantly modeled and textured.

I'm sorry if there's already topics about this game on the forum, but I didn't find one from the search tool.


#1 : 01.07.2021 07:21

Any Unity asset ripper works, i've done it many times before, cant remember path names rn


#2 : 01.07.2021 22:12

UTinyRipper should work, since it's a unity game.


#3 : 15.07.2021 17:45

yea should be easy to rip cuz its unity

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#4 : 15.07.2021 19:32

If Unity is used there, then AssetStudio may help you.

Or Unity Assets Bundle Extractor