Armored Warfare: Улучшенные модели

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#0 : 21.06.2021 06:00

Модели переработаны и исправлены, добавлены отсутствовавшие и расставлены по порядку.

Al-Hussein Hybrid


#1 : 21.06.2021 13:26

Many thanks!
I will try to texture them and share the textures. laugh

Мастер Моделей

#2 : 21.06.2021 13:49

There are, of course, many errors in the models. Some are incomplete, others have something extra. But still, I think they are much better than before. smiley


#3 : 21.06.2021 14:34

Yeah I noticed that, the 2S19 Msta-S is missing a piece at the rear xD. I'll see if I can extract it myself.

Мастер Моделей

#4 : 21.06.2021 15:39

Yeah, the radiator is missing, I think.

It seems to me that this is a part of the hull, but it uses material with the "NoDraw" shader.


#5 : 22.06.2021 16:39

Is it not possible to get the textures out of the game by hand and put it here for download? I don't have the game so I can not try it myself.


#6 : 22.06.2021 18:14

The models are much better then before, so nice work there. But out of interest is there a way to reliably seperate the model up, for example making it so that the turret can turn in a program like Blender?

Ddos enabled :)

#7 : 26.06.2021 11:53

Maybe try pivots in blender

Ddos enabled :)

#8 : 26.06.2021 12:07

Also, when will the sabra mk.2 and oplot come back fixed?