Broken AssetViewer2


#0 : 19.06.2021 18:46

Hey guys, some people here have decided to leak upcoming models from WT and I've been told that Gaijin most likely has purposely broken AssetViewer to prevent people from leaking updates.

This thread is for information, so if any of you have experienced this very recently please write some feedback below.


#1 : 19.06.2021 18:57

Yes its broken. I went straight away to try leaked content in CDK and got error. Its posted on warthunder forum with latest respond from "Technical Moderator" 7h ago of patch being deployed upcomming week.


#2 : 19.06.2021 23:01

Oh shit. That means tons of GB for a full CDK installation... hours of download, because some people can't wait some weeks.


#3 : 20.06.2021 08:45

I thought I was the only one having this problem. And reinstalled 3 times with full path and registry cleaning laugh


#4 : 24.06.2021 22:37

For those interested the CDK got updated today and should be fixed.