Сan anyone do a tutorial on how to export vehicles


#0 : 17.04.2021 20:50

Can anyone do a tutorial on how to export vehicles or hats or really anything from any game like War Thunder, Enlisted, bc i cant find anything on youtube.

Мастер Моделей

#1 : 18.04.2021 02:51

There is no universal method. Each game requires a different approach. For each game, I examine the game files and parse the format of the models. Then I write a script that converts the models for the site. Someone has successfully used Ninja Ripper or a similar program.


#2 : 18.04.2021 12:51

So far, Мастер Моделей has been the only person who has shown interest and has succeeded in pulling models from WT. yes


#3 : 18.04.2021 17:21

Programs like 3DConverter and Noesis can convert directly many game files. Others are strangely packed and have to extracted first and other works only with Ninja Ripper.


#4 : 23.04.2021 14:12

Alright, Sounds cool.