Removed WoT modules


#0 : 19.03.2021 17:25

Again I have a weird request. I know for a fact that several tank modules in WoT are currently not present in the client, but I don't know if this was always true. Were they there at some point? And if so, does anyone have them?

I am looking for things like Turret_01, Gun_01 and Gun_02 for M14/41, Same weapons for Kolohousenka, which you can see in a icon:

Missing gun_01 for 53TP, seen here:

Gun_03, Gun_04, Gun_07 and Gun_08 for 7TP, Gun_02 and Gun_03 for 10TP, Gun_01 and Gun_03 for MT-25, Gun_03 for BUGI are the ones I found so far.

Anyone knows about these?