HALO models from a mod


#0 : 15.02.2021 15:38

Hi everyone, while extracting models from HALO games would be very hard and unfruitful (very little ships and different sizes) and for weapons and veicles i think a lot could be found on internet, i found a mod for the game "Sins of solar empire" where all ships and structures were replaced with HALO based ones, the mod is free and maybe it's very simple for you to extract them, at least i hope.



#1 : 18.02.2021 01:16

I tried to extract the model with asset studio, but it can't find anything


#2 : 18.02.2021 08:52

You can try ninja ripper. This FREE program pulls models from almost everywhere.


#3 : 18.02.2021 14:03

I searched on internet, itried an addon fro chrome that can convert .mesh into a file blender can read, it open them but keep loading wile converting and don't do anything, i tried a plugin for blender to load .mesh, blender read them but then give and error and don't open them, i found the ogreconverter but i don't find any download, just one line of code.

Now i'll try this


#4 : 18.02.2021 16:01

It was a bit hard at first, but i made it work, it would need 3dsmax but can't install it, so i found a blender addon for ripper; i'm able to open ripper files on blender, but there is a problem, ripper generated 3.400 file lots of them are duplicates (game files have 480 and aslo many of this are duplicates, maybe becase there are upgrades in game that change models)

At first i were hopful, i found 3 models (construction bot, station and longsword) but there are lot of asteroids and planets, i searched for all the bigger files, but no more models; many of them are less than 20 KB, the majority are less than 1 KB i suspect ripper litterally ripped the models into single meshes; these files can't be shown in blender, i tried to export to rhino and many are planets (sphere) but others are just 1 mesh.

Need to find a way to work directly with .mesh files


#5 : 18.02.2021 16:17

Unfortunately, the ripper works this way, it just collects all the files in a heap and you need to rake this heap, but this is one of the best options)


#6 : 18.02.2021 18:09

It's very odd how it extract 3 complete models (with several duplicates each) and also lots planets but the rest are a mess, however it's useless in this way blender don't even show too litlte or too big objects and over 3k files are way too many


#7 : 18.02.2021 18:11

It depends how the models in the game are assembled. Sometime they are assembled by many smaller items. Then Ninjaripper ripps all these small parts and it takes to you to assemble it. Well, this ist the darke side of the job. When you can take the models out of the program folder, you can try 3d-Converter. It can deal with many game files, or Noesis.


#8 : 20.02.2021 20:25

Yes more easy than expected, i don't had 3D converter installed, i tried and it can read and convert them, just i have the free one