AO and normal maps for Leclerc T4-140 turret?


#0 : 07.02.2021 09:45

I need these two textures for the T4-140 turret on the Leclerc but all the selectable options for Leclerc have the 40mm turret on it and do not contain the needed textures. I have figured out how to extract the turret's mesh but have no idea how to get the textures for it. I REALLY need it.

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#1 : 07.02.2021 12:49

From which game?


#2 : 07.02.2021 13:03

I believe he means the AW one.

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#3 : 07.02.2021 13:45

I think so too, but I'm not sure indecision

Leclerc T4-140 turret DDS textures


#4 : 10.02.2021 08:13

Thanks! They worked!