Cloth buggy placement


#0 : 24.10.2020 01:00

hey, are you ever going to change the buggy kind of placements for cloth from war thunder models? example is the american m18 gmc and the sherman M4A1 fourelle FL10. the cloth goes inside the steel and it looks very weird



#1 : 24.10.2020 07:56

Your "cloth" like gun mantlet cover (that "bag" on gun) is the same problem like with tracks. I mean if is on model from this site then is "flat". Thats why goes inside of tank model


#2 : 10.11.2020 06:08

Those are "skinned" mesh. They rely on bones (simply put, a component in a 3D model that has certain vertices bound to it) to look correct and deform based on the position of the bones. Removing them results in odd behavior. If you know how to use Blender, you can fix it relatively easily. I fix the cloth coverings on gun mantlets on models from this site easily. There are tutorials on youtube to help you out if you need it.


#3 : 10.11.2020 12:38

That's because right now they can't be extracted properly, that only happens with deformable meshes like the gun mantlet, tracks and antennas.