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Model viewer problem


#0 : 25.05.2020 17:47

Please this need to be fixed. I mean, when I click on model view button then opens a window with viewer but its white... I see pulsing dot but later disapear and still I see only white widow. I cant Load model properly. Probably depends on detail of the model (I tested on War Thunder I have problem but on World of tank model loaded correctly, but this took some time, and textures also loaded slowly. This is not a new problem, but now I just wanted to write

Im sure this is not fault of my internet and browser

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#1 : 25.05.2020 18:10

Perhaps these are temporary problems somewhere on the Internet. I checked, the server is working fine, and the models load without errors.


#2 : 25.05.2020 23:24

Same problem here. Seems the server is overloaded some time. I relode it x times then it works, but picture builds up very slow. Seems realy to be the server.

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#3 : 26.05.2020 04:01

The server is rebooted smiley