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[War Thunder] Carro Armato L3 Contro Carro - model error


#0 : 09.04.2020 09:07

When I click on "3D model" in "tank destroyer" called "Carro Armato L3 Contro Carro" then model want to load but after 1 second icon of loading disappears and nothing happened


#1 : 14.04.2020 12:48

Hello? Its possible to fix it?

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#2 : 14.04.2020 15:21

Most probably not. Specify the game, please, we will try to fix it.


#3 : 14.04.2020 15:34

Ok, just I didn't know if my message was seen

This one only dont work

Game like in title of this post

War Thunder > Italy > Tank destroyers > Carro Armato L3 Contro Carro


#4 : 14.04.2020 17:06

This one too:

War Thunder > Japan > Submarine Chasers > Type K-3 / No.1 Class, Kusentei

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#5 : 14.04.2020 17:23

Yes, there are such problems. Let's try to solve it.


#6 : 16.05.2020 20:58

Speaking of which, there is a model in the files that is not show on viewer: flak_36_sdkfz_awning. They also added a bunch of towed guns to the vehicle folders, though since this is a vehicle it's probably higher priority.


#7 : 17.05.2020 13:02

Half of the models on the site do not work in preview! sad

Are there problems with the server?

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#8 : 17.05.2020 17:15

Try to clear the browser cache, I updated some scripts.


#9 : 17.05.2020 19:05

OK, thank you.