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World of Warships: Обновление 0.9.4

Мастер Моделей

#0 : 13.05.2020 13:09

Информация из новой версии игры на сайте.


Мастер Моделей

#1 : 06.04.2020 19:06

World of Warships: Суперест 0.9.4

Немецкие авианосцы на сайте


#2 : 07.04.2020 11:12

May not be too significant but Z-35 is welcome "real" addition to german navy collection. Thanks for fast update !


#3 : 07.04.2020 16:41

The 0.9.4. client received an update with the corrected values on test ships.

Also, would it be possible to add the HP pool of planes for CVs as well as the number of planes on deck and the regeneration time?
The values are labeled under "hangarSettings" (StartValue and timeToRestore) for the number of planes on deck and the regeneration time and maxHealth for the Planes HP pool.

I guess that it's not possible to include the planes to the 3D model of the CVs?


#4 : 07.04.2020 20:56

Great work as always Мастер Моделей!

Quick question would you be able to include the aircraft models for carriers? If this is too much work or difficult I totally understand.

Thank you.