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World of Warships: Обновление 0.9.3

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#0 : 08.04.2020 09:34

Информация из новой версии игры на сайте.


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#1 : 11.03.2020 15:52

World of Warships: Супертест 0.9.3

Информация из тестовой версии игры на сайте.


#2 : 11.03.2020 17:21

Hmmm...  Impero and Roosevelt are the only real ships. I don't like that they waste so much resources to build phantasy ships... There are still so many real ships to make...


#3 : 19.03.2020 04:42

I agree, They totally made up ships for Germany, when there were a few Z Plan designs that they could use. Also they have more Italian ships that could be added. War Thunder was working on an Italian DD but since they didnt want to appearantly finish the tree, it got hid some where, and there was the CV Aquila in the basic other ships, and now that seems to have disappeared.

War Gaming could make some of these ships for Italia, and like you said stop wasting so much time on BS ones.

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#4 : 20.03.2020 05:37

World of Warships: Общий тест 0.9.3

Информация из тестовой версии игры на сайте


#5 : 23.03.2020 23:24

I don't know why, but when I go to ships 3D model, there are really laggy recently. 

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#6 : 24.03.2020 12:47

Is the problem only with ships?


#7 : 25.03.2020 23:37

apparently. anything else is fine


#8 : 04.04.2020 10:32

WOWS, engine power display incorrectly

The engine power of French BB Lyon will not change when the engine is changed.

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#9 : 04.04.2020 10:52
It is very strange. I’ll try to find out what the problem is.