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Missing Components on models of World of Warships


#0 : 21.02.2020 06:27

It just seems to be worse and worse every update....

now the russian destroyers have their depth charges and anti sub equipments missing

and the american ships have their radars missing

will there be a fix to these?

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#1 : 21.02.2020 07:00

Yes, we are working on it.
Can you indicate which ships have no radar?


#2 : 21.02.2020 09:47

Thank you for your reply and im sorry for the trouble

I've never expected that ad-blocker could block certain part to not spawn on the model.....this was bizzare

so the radars now show up,but the anti sub components on russian ships doesnt seem to be the same case

is it possible that it's caused by wg changing the ASW equipments from misc folder to gun folder?


Also wanna ask about how some radars have a flipped model of the grids?

can be seen on colbert,smaland,friesland