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World of Warships wireshape


#0 : 07.02.2020 22:54

The wireshape meshes in the WoWS models seem to consistently have broken UVs. While fixing one or two sets of such errors is not difficult, it becomes harder when tons of smaller models have the same issue going.

Is it possible to get those intact?

Мастер Моделей

#1 : 08.02.2020 05:26

Can you give a couple of examples so that I know what needs to be fixed?


#2 : 08.02.2020 15:50

Each ship model (and several other models, like guns, radars, details) have meshes called wireshape. These come out with broken UVs, as can be seen here:

As you can see, the railings here, which are part of the wireshape mesh, have broken UVs which result in this stretched effect.

Here's what the UVs look like in editor.

These is what the cables are supposed to look like.

And this is what the correct cables look like in editor.

Мастер Моделей

#3 : 08.02.2020 16:11

Thanks. We will try to fix the problem.


#4 : 10.02.2020 16:05

I noticed this long time ago for all ships... and considering rest of the ship models were ok it had to be some anomaly during Мастер Моделей converting... Heck i wasnt even sure if its correct ingame... Interesting that Wows Model Editor managed to get it right. (even "3D Object Converter" which understand WoW model format have same issue)
I separated railings myself for some odd 40 ships and tiled my own texture on them... however having a proper texture from proper UV would be amazing. (as railings often consist of rope or chain and metal posts which i have no way to tell most of the time...)