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Some informational mistakes in World of Warships


#0 : 18.01.2020 15:50

I find some ship's Rudder shift time is wrong, such as: Yoshino, Stalingard, California, Puerto Rico (for example, Yoshino's true Rudder shift time is 13.9s not 18.1s). I only found these, maybe there are more rudder mistakes.

On the other hand, Hill has not AA consumables. The error is shown in the consumables list.

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#1 : 19.01.2020 06:00

I will double-check the information. Thanks.


#2 : 20.01.2020 08:21
I realized that Azuma,Georgia and Ohio's Rudder shift time were also wrong.Just as same as Yoshino,Azuma's rudder shift time is 13.9s not18.1s. I guess that these mistakes maybe appeared in the new special ships and high tier premium ships. I sincerely hope you fix these mistakes soon.