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World of Warships: Обновление 0.9.0

Мастер Моделей

#0 : 15.01.2020 06:51

Информация из новой версии игры на сайте.

Мастер Моделей

#1 : 11.12.2019 10:26

World of Warships: Супертест 0.9.0

Европейские эсминцы на сайте.


#2 : 11.12.2019 20:30

Unsure if anyone would be interested but here a quick grab from wiki and thedailybounce

pwsc101 - Tier I European cruiser ORP Gryf - (sole ship if it class) large minelayer (built by FR) (1936) Polish Navy

pwsd102 - Tier II European destroyer Tátra  - Tátra class  (1912) Austro-Hungarian

pwsd103 - Tier III European Destroyer Romulus - Romulus-class (1934) Swedish Navy

pwsd104 - Tier IV European Destroyer Klas Horn - Klas-class Swedish Navy (1932) Swedish Navy

pwsd105 - Tier V European Destroyer Visby - Visby-class (1943) Swedish Navy

pwsd106 - Tier VI European Destroyer Västerås - papership?

pwsd107 - Tier VII European Destroyer Skåne - papership?

pwsd108 - Tier VIII European destroyer Öland - Öland-class (1947) Swedish Navy

pwsd109 - Tier IX European destroyer Östergötland - Östergötland class (1958) Swedish Navy

pwsd110 - Tier X European destroyer Halland - Halland-class (1955) Swedish Navy

pwsd111 - Tier X European destroyer Småland (same as above)

[edit] some sweedish wiki links cant be hot-linked due url having unsuported characters... oh well... i tried

once again big thanks to Мастер Моделей for fast update <3


#3 : 12.12.2019 02:31

It seams that WoWs goes to post war era. very interesting to see the cold war ships... But would surely need some years to see the real interesting types... I am curious...