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Naval Action: Поднимаем паруса

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#41 : 13.03.2020 12:41

Sorry i made a mistake, the file Hermione is not rattvisan, it's the frigate santa cecilia, i found also rattvisan, seems to be the model Wasa prototype


#42 : 13.03.2020 14:05


Мастер Моделей

#43 : 13.03.2020 17:34

Это пока предварительные модели. Не обращайте внимания на названия. Это просто идентификаторы в игре.
Сейчас я работаю над материалами. Пытаюсь сделать их максимально похожими.
С модификациями я пока ещё не разобрался. В игре обычно есть фраза "Вы можете получить корабль класса N". И никаих указаний какой это корабль.
Продолжаю исследования.

These are preliminary models. Ignore the names. These are just identifiers in the game.
Now I am working on materials. I try to make them as similar as possible.
I have not figured out the modifications yet. The game usually has the phrase "You can get a class N ship." And no indication what kind of ship it is.
I continue to research.

Мастер Моделей

#44 : 13.03.2020 17:39

Жаль, что без пушек и текстур. У Wasa только палуба и мачты, Кое-где LOD-ы нижние попадаются. Но все равно - ОГРОМНОЕ СПАСИБО!!! 

Да, есть такое. Починим.

Пожалуйста, сообщайте обо всех обнаруженых ошибках. Потрошитель игры пока только настраивается, и любое сообщение об ошибке очень важно.


#45 : 13.03.2020 18:36

Good, looking forward for any other updates.

What do you mean for the modifications? if you are looking for something like world of warships, there are none here; ship's hull are only in that way, you can change ship's material (type of wood) for different stats and also can mount upgrades, ships can also have a sort of "quality" attribute (like refit and so on), buffs and debuffs that affects ship's basic stats, but nothing that change the model or the appearence, so i don't think here we care about that.

You can change gun's caliber, every ship have a range of guns and carronades that can be mounted on each deck, but like i said those model looks like the harbour ones, so even if you change guns or not mount them at all, the model doesn't change.

I have many ships in game i can provide you plenty of information; you can also find them on the game wiki, but maybe some are wrong or outdated, just ask if you need.


#46 : 14.03.2020 12:59

Thanks a lot Macrep! You are awsome!


#47 : 16.03.2020 15:59

Yeah, thank you Мастер Моделей. Everyday there is progress. More and more details and texture maps are arising.

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