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Armored Warfare missing parts.


#0 : 03.11.2019 19:57

I was wondering if it is possible to extract the missing parts.

I am trying to extract the models with cgf-converter but it is very complicated for me...


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#1 : 04.11.2019 06:23

Unfortunately, in Armored Warfare, equipment assembly schemes are stored in encrypted files.
I will try to improve my converter program.


#2 : 04.11.2019 11:52

Encrypted? But If I remember right you can export all stuff using Noesis programm (its a lot of work with that but its possible)

Мастер Моделей

#3 : 04.11.2019 12:19

Yes, probably Noesis and other similar programs can extract models.
But I do not use them. I am interested in converting on my own.
Therefore, I will search the game files for technical information. This is a very exciting activity smiley


#4 : 04.11.2019 20:47

That would be very helpful because I am retexturing the models. yes