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How to build the tank tracks for WT Modern Tanks


#0 : 06.01.2021 01:54

Is there a tutoral or something out there on how to build the tracks for the modern tanks since there are no separes on the tanks?



#1 : 06.01.2021 13:40

The tracks are probably built in game with a script, like the WoT tracks. The tracks are separate models, not the spares on the main model.

Keep using the 2d tracks for now.


#2 : 06.01.2021 16:39

Wait a bit. During this year all tanks should be modernized with 3d tracks. Some are rebuild with the last update but not updated here on the site. But it means that Мастер Моделей has to rebuild his import script for the new function with the tracks. I hope he will find the solution to do so soon.

I uploadet some 3d tracks for some tanks. Look in the forum. May be there are some of the tracks you need.



#3 : 06.01.2021 21:17


I checked but seeing the one that I was looking for.

Could create a track set to the Japanese STB-1?