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War Thunder Models _n files

Sir Mortimer

#0 : 08.10.2020 02:29

Let me begin by first thanking you for your work, your 3D models helped me immensely in progressing with my skinning abilities.

My question is now: Is there any way to get the other _n file channels Red (Glossiness), Green and Alpha (X and Y Bump) like the already existing "_n_s" Blue channel metallic file in the "textures" folder?


I'd need those since many older models come in crappy 512x512 resolution; cleaning up the bumped dirt in the Green and Alpha channel isn't really fun at such low resolutions and scaling them up from 512 to 2k basically smears everything on the finished skin and all bump detail is lost that I want to stay.


#1 : 08.10.2020 10:50


as far as i know Мастер Моделей seperate original "_n" RGB texture into seperate channels he actually use for his ship preview.

You are better with original game textures which have much higher texture resolution up to 4k. Regarding individual channels its helpful to take a look in https://wiki.warthunder.com/PBR_texture_compliance. Not really sure what are you trying to achieve but you can seperate each channel you need to seperate texture file yourself if thats easier for you to edit.Looking on your picture photoshop is capable enough to edit individual RGBA channels and mask them without problem.

Even with original game textures the resolution of textures vary a lot. This is delibrate to save space. Some textures like Ambient Oclusion add very little therefor are used in smaller resolution. Going further engines and specifically game shaders can do various operations with textures. They can filter them, mask, invert, multiply, blur and do other tricks. Texture themself are only basic most simple source used for this. Some shaders can even create textures precedurally therefor without any physical texture needed. It all depands on capability of your desired engine. Are you editing the skin for the warthunder game or using them elsewhere ?

Regarding increasing quality without loosing details i can highly recommend "Gigapixel AI" by Topaz Labs. However be warned that PBR shader textures are textures with specific logic to it. Shaders interpret textures in certain way. Simply enhancing resolution of some of these textures doesnt neceserry grand you better details. (example is normal texture "color gradient" may get shifted to different saturation, which change how light impact that texture)

Sir Mortimer

#2 : 08.10.2020 12:24

I missed mentioning that I usually do pull my _c and _n files directly from the source (WT Asset Viewer that is) and seperate the _n file channels for editing. I do create camouflages for WT and upload them to live.warthunder.com.

Just tried out to seperate the four _n file channels, save them as .png, upscale them 4x to 2k, re-assemble them to a .dds file and check ingame... Unfortunately the details I want to keep are smeared, so that idea is out of the window. 

But thanks for your input, I'll upscale the _c files only then.


#3 : 08.10.2020 18:28

Can you just upscale normal map? (_n file)
When you upscale it then you have all channel upscaled too

Or maybe I dont understand what you want to do

Sir Mortimer

#4 : 08.10.2020 21:20

Can you just upscale normal map? (_n file)
When you upscale it then you have all channel upscaled too

Or maybe I dont understand what you want to do

If the _n file as a whole is upscaled, then the bump details also become smeary and washed out. It doesn't make a difference if the channels are upscaled seperately or as a whole package. So apparently I have to stick to the original low resolution and have to work with that. The _c file is perfectly fine to upscale and not showing artifacts/smearing on the ingame model skin.

Originally my plan was to try to get the _n file channels in a higher resolution to remove dirt bumps (that many tank models still have when Gaijin liked to smear their tanks in mud) in the Green and Alpha channel easier. At 512x512 (that the WT Assert Viewer gives me) everything looks kinda mushy and it's guesswork in the smaller corners if it's dirt that has to be removed or something important that needs to stay.

Upscaling, removing dirt and then downscaling to original size also doesn't work unfortunately.


#5 : 09.10.2020 01:51

Are you sure, that you have the complete installation? In the standard installation only low res maps are installed. In the complete installation the high res maps are installed. The is a check box to check. 512 is the low res. Most have 2048. Small parts are 512 and the main body mostly in 2048.

Sir Mortimer

#6 : 12.10.2020 08:51

Sorry for my late reply, but yes, it was an outdated version of the Asset Viewer that caused this problem. Now I have standard 2k files again. 

Thanks for your input!