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Models problem


#0 : 16.08.2020 09:58

why would it appen?

and sometimes the model in the website is black ,without texture

after me downloaded models,  some parts disappear


#1 : 16.08.2020 10:12

wows's model ,only galaxy like this 

Мастер Моделей

#2 : 19.08.2020 05:23

Such problems arise when models do not have time to load. Either because of the slow internet, or because the server is overloaded.

We will try to optimize the site scripts.


#3 : 04.09.2020 18:00

I was unable to render the radars on WoWS models on Firefox,mo matter how many times i tried, not a internet problem the rest of model load fine, then i tried on Chrome and they loaded

Мастер Моделей

#4 : 05.09.2020 05:17

Add the site to trusted list or disable ad blockers on the site. It seems Firefox now has a built-in ad blocking mechanism.
Radar models are usually located at URL like ../ad/Radar_Name/Radar.model and some ad blockers consider it an advertisement and cut it out.

There are no ads or tracking scripts on our site smiley