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Measuring Device WOWS


#0 : 29.04.2020 06:09

A tool to measure the ships and get a rough idea of their overall length and length of certain sections of it.


#1 : 02.05.2020 15:18

I use rhinoceros to model and it have many tools to measure, make sections ecc; unfortunalty (unlike war thunder) the scale is not well definite, roughtly you can have a realistic dimension if you scale by 1500, but still not accurate.

I don't know how they do the models, maybe in importation rhino mess up the unit of measurement; if the number rhinos says in mm are in reality foot, than scale by 750 you can find a similar realistic dimension


#2 : 03.05.2020 14:59

Best is to look into book or internet and see the size of the ship and then resize it in your messure system (imperial or metric). Because Gaijin is in Russia or Beloruss, I suppose, they use metric system. But when I import the models from this site into my system it does not fit in metric nor in imperial units. So I have to calculate how to resize. It's quite easy but has to be done.

Мастер Моделей

#3 : 03.05.2020 17:45

I assume that the size of the models depends on the scale of the world in the game engine.

The scale can be estimated by comparing the size of the model and the real device.

For example, you can compare the dimensions of the hull of the T-72 tank, which are documented and are even on Wikipedia.


#4 : 04.05.2020 08:59

As i said most probably the scale is 1500 for wows and i star to belive it's the actual size they used, the discrepancies of the full scale model maybe be due to model's making errors and inaccuracy (also if we assume the internet measures are correct) but for example i got romulus destroyer (spica torpedo boat) i scaled both with lenght i found and 1500 scale, but the 100/47 was too tiny, it should have the bore  of 4,7 m and the full gun 4,9, but it was less than 4 and all the mount seems too small compared with photos of people around the gun.

For Trento and Zara cruisers the 1500 scale give a difference of less than 1m with internet's lenght; also the actual caliber of guns (that bore are also esagonal) are never the same, can differe for 5 or more mm