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Naval Action: Век парусников

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#21 : 11.08.2020 07:27

Ok i'll try them, well guns also have 2 set of mesh (one maybe to apply texture in game) and you put textures on models here on site, but i donn't know how to do that


#22 : 13.08.2020 11:45

All right i sent you all the gun's models, but there is no bloomfield and navy gun models, i strongly suppose the use the same models of long guns in game, for the obuiser there are only 3 models for 5 caliber of the gun, same for the congrieve; the thing that really puzzled me was some model's variant for the 4,6,9,and 24 pounder, called _det are sightly different and have differt rope connection to the ship, after looking in game i didn't find anywere where they can be use and i have no clue, though i don't have enogh of bloom and navy of these calibers to equip on ship and try them; i don't think they are some sort of guns for the battle's model of enclosed decks, those decks have their gun's models, the _half one whitch i didn't extract because of low quality, with no rear, no ropes, no wheels, ecc and in open world a glitch let you see inside the ship and there are the half ones.

Anyway i also resolve the mesh colours problem of ship mentioned, in the hurry to try some models i didn't extract the .mtl so no material features, shame on me; regard this i don't think rhinoceros is good to import .fbx and to convert to .obj, i sent you also the .obj but maybe was an error, when i extracted ship's models and import the .fbx to rhino seems no material features were added, so the .obj will be without them, what do you use to work on .fbx and to convert to .obj?

There are other models, like forts and some ships like gunboat, if i find a way to put material in the right way i can send them to you.

Мастер Моделей

#23 : 13.08.2020 12:21

My work process:
1. Getting fbx using AssetStudio
2. Converting to obj (and mtl) using Blender
3. Converting obj to the internal format of the site

Now that I know how to find models, I want to redo the process to get models for the site directly from the game files, without third-party programs


#24 : 14.08.2020 08:48

That's nice.

I test the guns and there is no particular material, so the files i sent you should be fine, i don't know though if you can put texture in the .obj i made.

I tried with Victory of 1765 and i end up quite well (and for what i need i am more than fine this way), i make a clean model, but i got some issue as well; first i needed to extract the full model, if i took only the load0 parts it ended up all fractioned and weird, second on blender the model are scaled of 1/100 when import .fbx and i don't know why, but if i delete those strange piramids and sphere called "armature" it automatically scale by 100 and put the model on vertical (and that is as it should be, when i download your models if not use the xyz option of rhino and also when import the .fbx i get them vertical on rhino), but got the weird disposition as you can see below.

Maybe to avoid different scale, rotation, texure ecc problems is better if i only send you the extracted files (also i don't think you have the victory 1765 on your files) and leave it to you.

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